All Jaco Beach activities

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Fishing Tours
The Los Suenos Marina (7  minutes drive Jaco beach Down town) is where over 200 fishing boats are on the waterfront. Boats that can be booked for day fishing trips rows of 18 feet to 55 feet long. You can catch all varieties of deep-sea fish of the sea depending on the season: sailfish, marlin, rooster fish, tuna, mahi mahi and Spanish mackerel is post some of the many types of fish, they may be fished it. Costa Costa Rica is one of the best sport fishing in the world.

Zip Line Canopy Tours
There are several canopy tours available in the Jaco area. Canopy Tours zip lines are very safe, mainly to cover long distances above the trees. For more local information you Canopy Tours Read More.
They have a guide that can guide you to surfing.



Surf Lessons
Most surf lessons for all of Jaco Beach area. This is due to the very gradual beach having little undertow, uniforms waves are an easy way for beginners. read more at Jaco Surf School Website
ATV Tours
1.2 4:00 ATV Tours are available in most Jaco towers and pick you up and take you where the control tower begins. You can surf on the beach or climb the mountains incredible views of the coast and the valley. Several excursions are available and can help you make your decision and arrangements.


Crocodile Man
One of the most memorable trips you can take is the crocodile Tour. After about 20 minutes on the bus to board a boat for an hour covered the fourth round of a river leading to the ocean. You will see native birds, wildlife and crocodiles, lots of crocodiles .. The highlight of the tower is one of the guards When a raw piece of chicken to a crocodile at least 10 feet long stream – right next to the boat!
Horseback Tour
Regular riders came to the house to see if anyone wants to go for a walk. The horses are well trained and easy to ride. In the second round now, will the hills around Jaco Beach, culminating in a spectacular view of the bay of Jaco. Truly a memorable experience.