Santa Elena Reserve Tour

@ Monteverde Area

  • Half Day Tour
  • Hiking/Nature

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is situated 7 km northwest of Santa Elena town The Cloud Forest Reserve is an exceptional hiking experience. The Santa Elena Cloud Forest is a wonderland of green lushness. Giant tree ferns, bamboo and palm trees grow abundantly in the under story, while thick moss covered liana vines dangle from the canopy. Use all your senses to enjoy the frequent sightings of birds and mammals, to hear the song of the Quetzal and the roaring of the Howler monkeys and to identify the tracks of the shy Puma, Coati and Red brocket deer. Looking northeast on clear days, you can see the spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano and lake with the same name.


This tour Includes: Transportation, entrance fees, professional and bilingual guide.
What to wear: long pants, T-shirt and hiking shoes
What to bring: camera, binoculars and insect repelent


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