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Tours operated from Monte Verde Area

Butterfly Farm

Biodiversity center, medicinal plant garden, live leaf cutter ant colony, in addition to four climate-controlled butterfly gardens

Monteverde Reserve

Feels like walking in a grandiose green Cathedral. Wind-sculptured elfin woodlands on the exposed ridges are spectacularly dwarfed.

Original Canopy Tour

The Original Canopy Tour Costa Rica at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge was the first canopy tour in existence in the world.

Sky Trek, Sky Tram and Sky Walk

Trails, suspension bridges, a system of zip lines ranging from mountain to mountain and a high technology cableway.

Frog Pond

Admire more than 25 species of frogs such as the colorful Poison Arrow Frog, the Red Eyed Tree Frog and other amphibians.

Horseback Riding

Come and enjoy with us a ride among forest, open fields, coffee and banana crops, see fauna and flora that is specific to the Monteverde area.

Sky Walk Tour

Spectacular combination of suspension bridges with easy and well maintained walking trails build in the Cloud Forest.

Bird Watching Half Day and Full Day Tour

One of the legendary and classic bird watching spots where 350+bird species have been identified.

Coffee Tour

This interactive tour follows the development of coffee – from the crop to the cup – in a fashion that is both fun and educational.

Santa Elena Reserve Tour

A wonderland of green lushness with giant tree ferns, bamboo and palm trees grow abundantly.

Night Walk

Great opportunity to hear and see animals very different than on the day time.